Matthew and Emma BROWN's 2006 page

Who's four hillwalking?

"Open wide, dad!"

"Hillwalking's easy" thinks Emma

"Are you sure this is the right way, dad?"

A walk in the Lakes

Spot... the "I did chicken-pox" girl - Emma inpects her dotty foot

"TOOT-TOOT!" (Happy 4th Birthday Matthew)

Bridge demolition team

Matthew's party guests

"Emma, are you my best friend?"

We only went in for a pair of Spider-man socks

Emma plays football for England!

Wind swept sisters?

Don't laugh - this is a hold up!

Matthew's best friend

"I'm looking over me mum's left shoulder..."

"... that I overlooked before!"

Little Lady of the Lake

Matthew and Emma do their chicken run chores

Emma loses Gurning competition

A time for reflection

Hold on Emma, the world is spinning round!

On the look out for the third arrival

"Here it comes... and there goes"

Donkey treking for Matthew and Emma

A decent descent with Mum

Dad can remember when she was just knee high (one year ago)

Shades of running Brown

A very brave boy holds a live snake

"Hold on tight, Mum!"

Cool beach babe

We don't always see eye to eye

Go-kart with a 1 pp engine (Paul Powered)

Todays the day that Emma's bears have thair picnic

Make way for Matthew and Emma

Drawing is fun!

Try cycling

Matthew's first day at school - socks raised to attention

Dad's got his hands full with these two

Its Boxing day?

The new garage looks enormous!

Emma and Dad pleased to be in the new house

John and Paul help us with the property ladder

"Hello, I'm your local plumber"

Sheepish looks out of 57, Peregrine Drive

Is it time for my haircut Dad

Exhibit K: "She's so sweet"

Link to Katy Brown's arrival   page.

"Giddy up Dad"

Matthew and Emma settling in together in their new home

Knees up nana Brown

A group that is relatively Brown

Matthew and Emma in a Stable environment (The Stables Nursery)

Another stable environment ...

"Emma, do you like my new wormery?"

... under the table you must go ...

A smile from Katy (4 months)

Katy and Emma are ready for bed

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