Matthew and Emma BROWN's 2005 page

"My brother!"

She's not just for Christmas...

Meet the Christmas cousins

"I've got you babe"

Emma (7 months) - first picture with Dad's new Nikon D70

46 years ago... initial construction phase

A Roger-restored 1959 Model Toddler Injection - three previous owners:

Uncle David 1959... Dad 1962... Auntie Karen 1972

"Make way for Matthew!"

Matthew's 3rd Birthday cake (before and the morning after looking worse for wear)

Here's to hugs, hits and hilarity

"I like driving in my car!"

"Her name was Lola!"

"Emma B (nearly 9 months)"

"What do you think of it so far?"

"I hear you're a decorator short"

Its Barrow boy Brown!

My favourite daughter

Have you seen this Tiger (escaped from Colchester Zoo!)

Ready to roll! Emma sets out on her first cycling expedition

Matthew floating on balls

We all pool together!

A time for reflection

Down the spout

"I thought this was a tupper wear party!"

"You've missed a bit, Matthew!"

"This is the way to travel, Lola!"

Oh she does like to be beside the seaside

Oh he does like to be beside the sea

Emma's 1st birthday party

Formula 1 champion : 2nd August 2005 (21 pound)

"Look mum, no hands!"

The Bournemouth Browns

A natural water baby

Where did she get that hat?

She's got her Dad's legs!

Matthew's first bike

She's the youngest swinger in town

"I'm happy to take a back seat!"

"I'm just happy to put my feet up!"

"Have you got any change for the phone, Mum?"

All cyclists enjoy a banana break

"One day I'll be a shepherd"

Happy Christmas!

She wasn't just for last Christmas

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