Maisie Hashtag BROWN's 2017 page

Daddy was in a minority government.

However, following intense negotiations and pleading, this pre-Catuall agreement was finally signed:

Hello Maisie!

Maisie without the makeup

Maisie takes on her role as security guard

Off exploring

Time to stop and stare

Wanna play?

Go on!

Mum's chair

Maisie on the piano

Inspector Maisie

Hello World

Time to hide

Time to play

Time to get back ...

... to work "keep your paws off my laptop!"

So this is my basket is it?

Maisie's first adventures outside

Maisie meets the Smudgy

Sheltering in shadows

One clean cat!

"MAISIE!" - caught in the act of chewing plants

Maisie - by Katy

Cat caught cat naping

The green green grass of home

Sometimes you're all I kneed

"Excuse me - I'm just texting my friends"