2016 Thames cycle page

Three wheels on my wagon ...

Advance to Fenchurch St Station

Amateur photographer spots London landmark

Old man on old bike ruins view of London landmark

Old man red lines it on old bike on London landmark

Let me take you on your bike and lead you through the streets of London

Two old men ruin view of London landmark

Mike's geometric composition

Riverside cat

Counterbalance bascule bridge encounter

Sunny south bank east bound

Canary Wharf from south bank

Law abiding citizens Mick and Steve take the off-road off-bike route

Cutty Sark stop

Hill top view

Roger's route guide .. are you sure this is the right road?

Old man on old bike ignores notice board

Taking the Underwater tunnel route from Greenwich

Time for a Star Bucks break at St Katherine's dock

Artful walls

Its the Muppet Show!

Emerging event organisers

Old man on old bike sticks to cycle route

A bridge to St Paul's

London skyline

On reflection it was time to stop

The Thames Cycle route (c/o Steve)

Speed profile (c/o Steve)

Link to cycle map  

Link to cycle booklet