Matthew, Emma and Katy BROWN's 2020 page

Maisie likes sitting at the window

Pre Ski crash course for Katy at Milton Keynes Snozone ready for ...

Ski Austria 2020 - graphic by Emma

On the coach crossing QE2 bridge

All set for Eurotunnel Brexit and onward bound for Austria

Made it onto the slopes

Looking cool and ready for action

From high up in the mountains ...

... and the view from the hotel

On the slopes from Katy's point of view

Hanging around with Katy

Piste preview

The end ... of the skis

The only campsite open to us in Lock-down

They even let you take your favourite cat with you

A Brown Birthday Breakfast - yum!

Where's blooming Maisie?

Last camp on trampoline Mark 1

A cosy camp cave

The morning after the night before

Trampoline Mark 1 - exploded view

Trampoline Mark 2 arrives - Katy can't wait!

Step 1 - Have we got all the bits?

Step 2 - Taking shape

Wot no springs?

Happy customers acceptance testing

Katy's head over heels in favour of Mark 2

Click here for video: It's flipping Katy!

I only went round to say hello ...

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