Matthew, Emma and Katy BROWN's 2018 page

Maisie says: "Happy Mew Year!"

Katy grows on trees (Danbury woods)

You've been framed!


Plenty of snowfall in the back garden

*NEVER* throw snowballs at someone wearing glasses ... UNLESS it's Matthew!

Revenge is best served up ice cold

Katy's close quarters combat snow attack (at -3 degrees snowballs are a bit powdery)

Presenting: Matthew's new toy

Up, up ....

... and away

Link to First Drone footage  

The female line up

Matthew is held up at school

Katy and Sienna - just messing about on a river

Sailor girl Katy

And they are off - dodging the Marconi Sailing Club boats

Back to shore

Skipper on next boat:"Have you ever sailed before?"... Katy: "Yes, it must have been about 5 minutes ago " :)

John and Caroline Nichols on Catamaran Windrush

Bon Voyage

Katy and Sienna return to shore

Let's ... Explore the River Stour by Canoe

The river trip starts here

Negotiating the fallen willow

Steve, Rose and Charlie show us the way

Row row row your boat, but don't get stuck in the Stour

Heather: "You're our first ever visitors (to Smallbridge Hall) by river"

Arriving at Mike and Heather's back garden

Welcome to Smallbridge Hall ...

... a splendid Grade II listed English country house in Bures St. Mary conveniently adjacent to the River Stour

view from the swimming pool area

Smallbridge Hall exploration party

Blooming in blue: Ann and Heather

Taking the short cut back to the trailer

Charlie enjoying his day out

We ... Explored the River Stour by Canoe thanks to Steve Mann and his van

End of the day group photo - one of them is dog tired

Maisie thinks about a swim

At the end of Southend Pier

Katy's not fishing

Southend Pier is long! Extending 1.34 miles (2.16 km) into the Thames Estuary, it is the longest pleasure pier... in the world.

Droning on about Springfield Green

Welcome to Chessington World of Queues

Matthew hanging out with Joe on the Vampire ride

Hold on - its Mia, Emma and Katy ...

... on the Cobra ride

Room for one more on top - the Browns are off on their Med Cruise

Bing bong "This is your captain speaking - welcome to Spain's version of Easyjet"

Up up and away

Norwegian Epic docked at Barcelona next to the biggest Cruise Liner ... in the world

Full steam ahead - view from our balcony passing Symphony of the Seas, the biggest Cruise Liner ... in the world

That is a BIG boat

The Browns settle into their cabin - hang on, who is that caught napping? (courtesy of Katy's new camera)

Katy visits the 'boys' cabin with her new camera

Emma and Katy on their balcony

A titanic chandelier - on second thoughts lets just call it 'BIG'

Birthday girl passenger on the colour coded port staircase

Epic meals on-board

Deck chairs, hot tubs, swimming pools

View from deck 18

Roger and Katy - on the way to Sorrento

Dad and Katy - comfort break at Sorrento

Old relic spotted on the streets of Pompei

Cast of Pompei victim

Old relics need support

Matthew loves the leaning tower of Pisa

Emma and Katy try adjusting the tilt

On the rubber ring ride ...

... going down the plug hole

An Epic lunch on board

Who's been sleeping in my bed!

Katy is full of bounce

Bon Voyage Norwegian Epic

A curious cat for christmas

Merry Maisie Christmas

Emma wasn't just for Christmas 2004 or 2005 or 2006 or 2007 or 2008 or 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 or 2013 or 2014

... or 2015 or 2016 or 2017 or 2018

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