Matthew, Emma and Katy BROWN's 2016 page

Its Katy at botanical gardens - Cambridge

Its a Danbury Dad

If you go down to the woods today - hug a tree!

Dad's bearable

Katy wins by a short stick

Matthew's face when his tellybed arrives

Katy (Hermione) uses her magic controller

Recreation of Telegraphy room on Carpathia

John George (Jack) Phillips, 1887-1912 Chief Wireless Telegraphist on the Titanic - portrait in Godalming museum painted from the photo

104 years later: Katy Brown, minor Wireless Telegraphist at Hall Street exhibition (May 22nd 2016)

Katy Brown, certified Telegraphist

All aboard for a quick twirl


Matthew and Joseph riding the waves

A swooping Vampire ride

Bubble trouble

"I'm singing in the drain"

"Hmm, well I can't see any elephants"

The flight of the Python

Getting into the swing of it on the underground

"Mind the girls" ... "Mind the girls" ...


A Writtle Minor award

Solar heater designed - in house

Installed solar heater with satisfied customer

Satisfied customer - environmentally friendly Katy

Fish eye's view of Katy

Solar heater Mk2 (larger bore hose and solar panel) for increased flow rate

And the winner of the Guess the weight of the 4.25kg Chocolate cake is .... MATTHEW!

Charles Brown (22) with 10th Essex Regiment Dec 1916 - - - - - - - Danbury Church July 1st 2016

Injured on the first day of Somme July 1st 1916

In 1917 joined 13th West Ham Regiment - PoW in Limburg, Germany 1917

Charles Brown (age about 26) c1920

Guess who?

Morning campers! Emma's 12th birthday at International Jamboree 2016

... along with 10,000 others! (at Boyton Farm near Chelmsford)

We're all going on a summer holiday: excited early birds (4:26am)

Heading south for the summer

to La Gomera in the Canaries

Hotel Jardin Tecina

View from resort

Cliff lift - everyone look at the camera please!

Taking the coastal path

Cactus enormous

Katy on vacation

Oh this year we're off to sunny Spain

Chilling out on holiday

Diving in at the deep end


Emma emerging from the depths

Have a browse of Emma diving using windows media player

And also Matthew diving and Daddy diving

Pools eye selfie

Sunny smiles at La Gomera

And father makes four


What's up Emma

Dual synchronised topples

Looking cool at the pool

Drinking the bar dry?

In search of Atlanic marine life

Atlanic dolphins ahoy

Atlanic mariners ahoy

Oh you look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two

How do you get five bikes on one car?

A flying start to the Lee Valley family cycle ride with Bryants, Browns and Webbs

And they're off - and its Lisa just ahead by a head - but surely there will be a stewards enquiry into her electronically assisted bike!

Mike takes the abridged route

Ann's bottom ... of the cycling order

Time to take a seat

and a seat selfie

Ejector seat

OUCH! Matthew loses control on the downhill stretch

Action replay for the crowd

It's Caky Brown

Sorry, Matthew can't make the party - he's feeling a little horse

Happy Halloween from Emma Katy and Matthew

Who is that ghostly apparition in our drive?

Hang on, I recognise those ghoulish eyes!

Chelmsford Cathedral Christmas Carol Concert

Chamber Choir

Emma wasn't just for Christmas 2004 or 2005 or 2006 or 2007 or 2008 or 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 or 2013 or 2014

... or 2015 or 2016

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