Matthew, Emma and Katy BROWN's 2015 page

Ding dong - its Matthew at Chatham dockyard

... learning the ropes

Meet Julia - a Roman Godess

Waiting for Natural History

Natural History Museum (upstairs)


The Diplodocus downstairs

Link to Natural History Museum's Nakhla meteorite  page.

We had a whale of a time!

Whale skeleton looks very familiar

Time to stop and stair

Some of the exhibits were quite grizzly

"That's not funny!" - Grumpy Guy

Dinosaur exhibition... suspended

Night at the Museum anybody?

Meet the superstar: Katy Browny

Its the Bmx Boys Brigade

At the Olympic Park

Team Talk in front of the Velodrome

Under starters orders

They're off!

The ride has it ups and downs

for Bmx Brown - broken arm on last lap

Katy preparing for her theatre debut

A lovely leaf in Forest Friends at the Cramphorn Theatre

Whoosh... we're off to Center Parcs (Norfolk)

Despite a broken arm, Matthew lets his sister tag along

Josh Harvey Jack Matthew Matthew Tyler Joseph

Matthew and his mates at paintball belated birthday party

Off to a barn dance "Yee-ha"

Sweet painted ladies

Men at work - "Now Matthew, when I nod my head, hit it"

Matthew's finished product - the perfect fit

Welcome to ...

Come on in and see the new factory

"Take me to your leader"

Take the tube to work!

A mean machine

In a spacious setting

Up up and away

A pressing need

Tubular bins

This director looks unbelievably young

The admin staff dealing with the directors request for "More mints"

We can just about squeeze in

Cheesman products in transit

Emma enjoying the FA cup final

Meanwhile in the sofa stands we all enjoy seeing Arsenal win 4-0 (as predicted by Paul)

Matthew making a movie click here before his voice breaks

Michael likes his rubbish present

Liberace Cheesman

Emma @ Kingswood

So tell us Nick, what exactly is dark matter?

Well this is dark matter - aka A Brown BBQ sausage burnt to perfection

Tom gets to grips with uni-cycling ready for next week's World Naked Bike Ride at Chelmsford

And it ended with Nick losing his trousers! (full innocent account available at a Friday lunchtime pub somewhere near you)

Off to school disco - Hula style

School leaver's Party Bus

... leaving for Franky and Bennys

... and back again

To the Tar Tunnel

A lesson on inertia

Litte Bo Brown

Katy enjoying Enginuity

Bridge basics ... sabotaged by you-know-who

Here's one that was buit earlier - The Iron bridge at Ironbridge opened on New Year's Day 1781

Iron bridge after 234 years

The light at the end of and inside the tunnel

Candle dipping

Getting into the swing of the holiday


Special delivery cycles


Replica of first railway locomotive

Youth at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel

Brown girls on bridge

Visiting Claire and Daune

St Michaels Mount

Painting spotted in St Michaels mount with familiar subject

No corn jokes please

Katy's campsite kite

Fluttering butterfly kite

Making a splash

Let's go fly a kite

Don't try this at home


Penzance prom unicorn flags

Taking it easy by the pool

Titan Arum - bloomimg marvelous (growing 12 cm per day)

Ann is showing signs of strain after two weeks of camping in the rain

Look out - wild dinosaur on the loose

"I like to have children round for lunch!"

A tale about a dinosaur

70 ton seed sculpture

The Eden Project

The Eden Project - inside view

Emma's first day ...

... at secondary school

Our Sunflower was unbelievably tall

A sunny disposition

Ye olde boys are back in town

Paw girls can't bear Dad's captions

Happy Halloween!

Father Christmas!


An elf satisfied smile

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