Matthew Brown's Arrival Page

We are delighted to announce the birth of Matthew Peter on 25th March 2002 at 10:09 pm weighing in at 6 lb 13 oz,

height 1' 8.5'':

"Hello World" (12 hours old)

Have a browse of Baby Brown's first bath using windows media player

Baby Brown's first outing: The Cricketers at Danbury (6 days)

Baby Brown can't take his drink: "Cheers... hic"

The Browns: PG rated

Matthew's new playmates

Baby Brown's eye view of his new mobile

Have a browse of Baby Brown's first burbles using windows media player (8 weeks)

Baby Brown at 3 months

And Baby Brown's first raspberries using windows media playe (4 months)

Baby Brown at a thoughtful 5 months

Baby Brown having fun at 5 months

Matthew and his bear necessities

Merry First Christmas !

See Matthew Peekaboo Brown's first visual joke using windows media player (9 months)

Cheeky Chappy

Happy New Year !

Happy First Birthday Matthew !

No publicity...please

First outing as a back seat cyclist

Me and Mum and Dad go cycling come shine or ....

See Mathew's birthday card tricks using windows media player (1st year)

Link to A Brown wedding   page.